berry pastry with macadamia & cashew cream

The macadamia and cashew cream tastes amazing with warm berries and is a really great dairy free dessert option. We often have it just with berries, but today I felt like baking and… Continue reading

blueberry chia jam

I like knowing exactly what is in the food I serve my kids and the best way to know this is to make it yourself.  This recipe is an easy way to make… Continue reading

beetroot chips

These are a great alternative snack and really easy to make. There are two recipes here, one made with a sugar syrup that adds a hint of sweetness to the chips, most of… Continue reading

sweet potato donuts

These are a great gluten free option for donuts, they are aren’t as light as say your Krispy Kremes, but delicious just cooked topped with ice cream! sweet potato donuts 400g steamed sweet… Continue reading

cauliflower in a turmeric batter

These deep red little cauliflower florets look amazing and taste just as good! Turmeric has multiple health benefits including fighting colds and flu, anti-inflammatory, aids with digestive trouble, eases arthritic pain and can… Continue reading

chocolate cupcakes with beetroot and kale

These have to be the perfect way of sneaking vegies into your kids.  I love that I can use these as a treat and know they are eating something good for them. This… Continue reading

slow roast lamb

This recipe has now become a staple in our house after being introduced to it while on holidays in Queensland with my friend, thanks again for your inspiration Nicole! I do mine in… Continue reading

mini frittatas

It’s been a while since my last post, but after a short break I am back in the kitchen with some great recipes to try out. This one is a great portable snack… Continue reading

sugar free strawberry icing

I cant believe how simple and delicious these are and totally guilt free! Use this icing on top of some healthy banana muffins and the kids can have as many as they like.… Continue reading

mashed potato, spinach & corn fritters

This is another recipe inspired by my good friend Nicole, she got me onto kombucha, sauerkraut, seed crackers, bone broth and corn fritters…… ha ha not sure if these corn fritters would be… Continue reading